After years of disillusionment we said we would never get involved with so-called 'performance' exhausts, but now we have found a product which has changed our minds. This new range of stainless steel exhaust systems is manufactured for us by the company who supply replacement exhaust systems to Rolls Royce. They fit perfectly, look great, sound wonderful, and unlike many exhaust systems sold on the basis of claimed power increases, these actually do something. It takes a lot to impress us, but even we have been surprised. On top of this, they come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

Jet Twin







Model Trim Price Image
A3 1.6-1.8i Jet Twin 267  
A3 1.8 Turbo Jet Twin 267
A3 1.9 Tdi Jet Twin 225  
A4 1.8 Turbo Jet Twin 391
A4 1.9 Tdi Saloon/Avant Jet Twin 299
A4 1.8 Turbo Quattro Jet Twin 405
A6 2.7 Turbo Quattro DualSprint CALL  
2.5 TDi Quattro (rear box) Jet Twin 231  
Coupe UR Quattro 10v Jet Twin 335  
Coupe UR Quattro 20v Jet Twin 353  
RS2 Jet Twin 446  
S2 20v Turbo 5 Speed Jet Twin 446
S2 20v Turbo 6 Speed CALL
S3 Quattro Jet Twin 415  
S4 Quattro Jet Twin 415
S4 CAT's & Linkpipes N/A 1175  
RS4 Pulse 680  
RS4 Downpipes/CAT's N/A 1140  
TT 180* Sprint x2 400+  
TT 225 Sprint x2 450+  
TT Sports CAT N/A 744  

Porsche 993
Model Trim Price Image
Rear Boxes (pair) N/A 550
Sport CAT's & X-Overs N/A 850
Exhaust tips Stealth 217

Porsche 964
Model Price
Catalyst Bypass Pipe with
Lambda Probe Port

Model Trim Price Image
New Beetle Stealth 266
Corrado 16v >'92 Stealth 266  
Corrado 16v '93> Stealth 266  
Corrado VR6 Stealth 285  
Golf 1 GTi 8v Meteor 226  
Golf 1 Cabriolet Stealth 226
Golf 2 GTi 8v Impact/Meteor 246  
Golf 2 GTi 16v Stealth 246  
Golf 3 GTi 8v/16v/VR6 Stealth 245  
Golf 4 GTi 1.8T Jet Twin 266
Golf 4 GTi 2.0 Jet Twin 266  
Golf Rallye Meteor 315  
Golf G60 Meteor 247  
4 Motion Jet Twin 415  
Lupo 1.4 GTi Stealth 226
Polo 8v '95-'99 Thrust Twin 226  
Polo 16v '95-'99 CALL

Model Trim Price
Ibiza Cupra 1.8T Jet Twin 294
Ibiza 1.8T Sports CAT Jet Twin 389
Ibiza Cupra Sport 2.0 16v Jet Twin 267
Leon 1.8T Jet Twin 294
Leon 1.8T Sports CAT Jet Twin 389

Model Trim Price
Octavia RSi Jet Twin 267
Octavia RSi Sports CAT Jet Twin 389

*TT 180 requires new valance/painting & fittings
NOTE: All prices are + VAT @ 17.5%

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AmD supply ALL Milltek Sport exhausts so if your vehicle isn't listed please contact us...

AmD now offers the new superb Q-Look Milltek finished exhaust system for VW Golf 4, New Beetle, A3 1.8T and Seat Leon. This great new addition to the range allows the unique class winning Milltek stainless systems to be used by you without being seen!

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View Large Image View Large Image Currently available for:

VW Golf Mk4

New Beetle

Audi A3 1.8T

Seat Leon

More applications coming soon - please call or more details

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