EBC Greenstuff pads
Triple award winning EBC Greenstuff pads are now available in an upgraded AF44/78 formulation for most European cars, again ECE R-90 compliant, yet the new formulation offers higher thermal conductivity and therefore reduces incidents of brake judder, better cold braking and better wear life over previous EBC green formulations. EBC Greenstuff is an excellent fast A road pad for all road legal cars, but is not for track day use.
  • offer supreme strength
  • give progressive braking
  • reduce the dust on your wheels (what there is simply blows away!)
  • have fantastic wear life
Vauxhall VX220 2.2/2.0 Turbo
Greenstuff front pads (DP2197/2) - 24.00
Greenstuff rear pads (DP2885/2) - 35.36

NOTE: All prices are + VAT @ 17.5%

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