High Performance Engine and Suspension Mounting Systems
Vibra-Technics Automotive technical staff have collectively over 30 years experience in the design of rubber components used in the Automotive Industry. This experience was gained working for a number of Multi-National Rubber Companies engaged in the design and manufacture of chassis components used by all the major Automobile Manufacturers.

Vibra-Technics products are manufactured primarily from natural rubber compounds and occasionally from blends of synthetic and natural rubber to give particular properties for specific applications. Extensive experience and testing in all kinds of environmental conditions by Automobile Manufacturers has shown that only natural rubber compounds give optimum performance and durability. Where the rubber needs to be attached to metal components, this is achieved by chemically bonding the rubber to the metal during the moulding process, using the latest chemical adhesive systems.

Vibra-Technics rubber-to-metal bonded products are designed specifically for high performance applications. When developing the parts, they studied the geometry and performance characteristics which would optimise the performance of the complete car system, whether it be used on the road or track. To this end they have designed and produced versions of their engine mountings to suit both applications. These mountings are not fluid filled, but completely re-engineered designs to enable direct retro-fitting and improved durability in service.

Application List

  • VW Golf MK3 Competition Front Engine Mount - 132.00
  • VW Golf MK3 Fast Road Front Engine Mount - 120.00
  • VW Golf MK3 Competition Rear (Eng. End) Engine Mount - 74.00
  • VW Golf MK3 Fast Road Rear (Eng. End) Engine Mount - 63.00
  • VW Golf MK3 Competition Rear (G/Box End) Engine Mount - 70.00
  • VW Golf MK3 Fast Road Rear (G/Box End) Engine Mount - 64.00
  • VW Golf MK3 Service Housing only - 73.00
  • VW Golf MK3 Service Instert only - from 47.00
  • VW Golf MK3 Front Wishbone Rear Bush - 43.00
  • VW Golf MK3 Rear Axle to Body Bush - 65.00

  • NOTE: All prices are + VAT @ 17.5%
The Fast Road mounts give significant improvements in ride and handling without adversely affecting vibration isolation. The competition mounts eliminate clearance problems with strut braces and exhaust systems, body panels etc. and improve handling whilst still giving vibration isolation at high engine speeds. Competition mounts are not recommended for road use. We have developed a range of suspension bushes which are designed to significantly reduce the suspension geometry change resulting from acceleration, braking and cornering forces. This gives improvements in car stability and cornering "feel" without limiting normal suspension travel. They are not hard versions of standard parts but a completely re-engineered solution, giving improved durability and handling for both road cars and competition cars requiring rubber bushed suspension.
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