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AmD offer full servicing, repairs and rebuilds on all VX220's
using genuine components (or upgraded components as requested)
Vauxhall re-chips and E.C.U. re-mapping ...
AmD re-chips are widely acclaimed within the industry for one main reason - they work. We are often asked how we get such consistently good results, and the answer lies in our 'custom chipping' approach. We would never compromise our reputation by buying in 'off the shelf' chips, where the values have already been altered with the same set of changes. No two cars, even of identical make and model , will ever respond in the same way to the same set of changes in a chip, - each engine needs something different. The 'one-size-fits-all' approach can never produce optimum results. It never did in the old days of changing carburetter needles and jets, and it certainly doesn't with modern E.C.U-controlled engines.

What makes us different ...
At AmD, we have our own electronics engineer to map engines 'on the fly', on our 4-wheel drive rolling road. Using the highly accurate DynoPlot data capture and plotting system we can programme not just for maximum top end power, but also concentrate on what happens elsewhere along the power and torque curves. We aim for the best all round performance and efficiency whilst at the same time ensuring minimum emissions. Most important, we also have the technology to ensure that our re-chips are undetectable by dealership engine test equipment. We have the same dealership diagnostic equipment, so we are able to confirm this.

In addition to increasing power and torque output, re-chipping noticeably improves throttle response and eliminates most of the hesitancy and flat spots which are common on many E.C.U controlled cars, assuming that these are not caused by some other engine problem.

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