Eibach Suspension for your Skoda


The Look That Performs.

The Pro-Kit is Eibach's premium suspension product and is considered to be one of the world's top performance suspension products. The performance and reliability has been proven in millions of Pro-Kit spring sets sold in all five continents and in over more than 40 countries around the world.

The Eibach Pro-Kit spring system is the first choice for enthusiasts when upgrading their vehicle's suspension, improving both the vehicle's performance and appearance. The Pro-Kit provides, quite simply... "The Look That Performs".

High ground clearance and huge fender-well gap inherent from the factory give your vehicle an unfinished look. Whether you plan to stay with your factory tires and wheels or adding performance wheels and tires, chances are, your car has "the lifted look". In reality a "Plus 1" or "Plus 2" wheel and tire package with a lower profile tire will exaggerate the large gap even more.

An Eibach Pro-Kit is designed to reduce the fender-well gap by safely lowering your vehicle, giving it a more attractive, sportier stance. The Pro-Kit is the perfect compliment to any vehicle, whether in stock form or fitted with a larger tire and wheel package. The Pro-Kit will set your vehicle off from others, giving it "The Look" you want.

All Eibach Pro-Kits are designed by experienced engineers specialized in chassis dynamics and are tested by seasoned qualified drivers. They are designed to properly and safely lower your vehicle's center of gravity through the use of proprietary progressive spring rates; reducing squat during acceleration, body roll in the turns, and nose dive under braking. Upon installation, your vehicle becomes exceptionally stable and secure under a much wider range of conditions and will provide years of enhanced driving pleasure, whether you are twisting your way through a mountain pass or cruising down the interstate or tempting the Autobahn.

Vehicles equipped with performance wheels and tires also need the additional performance provided by the Eibach Pro-Kit. Performance wheels and tires create a larger contact patch which increases the adhesion resulting in additional body roll. The Eibach Pro-Kit is designed to control this additional body roll becoming the heart of your performance suspension package.

Pro-Kits are available for nearly every model produced by over 40 European, American, Japanese, Australian and other main vehicle manufacturers out of Korea and Malaysia.

Getting your vehicle to look and perform "just right" is not an elusive recipe, in fact it's down right simple; wheels... tires... Eibach Springs.

Installing an Eibach Pro-Kit will take your passion for driving to a whole new level, one that can be further enhanced with the addition of other Eibach products such as our Anti-Roll-Kit or Pro-Control-Bar. For the demanding enthusiast or the daily commuter, an Eibach equipped vehicle provides the best balance between appearance, performance, safety, and ride quality.

Advantages of the Eibach Pro-Kit:

  • Excellent ride quality - comfortable in cruising
  • Sportive handling in cornering, resulting in improved performance
  • Lowered center of gravity, increased stability
  • Enhanced appearance of vehicle
  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001 quality system as well as TÜV approved
  • 10 year product warranty
Model Part Number Price Excl. VAT
Octavia >1030 kg 10-79-002-01-22 £137.18
Octavia Estate >1030 kg 10-79-002-02-22 £137.18
Superb 4 Cylinder 10-79-003-01-22 £126.92
Superb 6 Cylinder 10-79-003-02-22 £126.92
Octavia >940 kg 7905.140 £137.18
Octavia >990 kg 7907.140 £137.18
Octavia Estate >940 kg 7908.140 £137.18
Octavia Estate >990 kg 7909.140 £137.18


Total Suspension Harmony.

The Eibach Pro-Kit has been designed to perform well in conjunction with Original Equipment Dampers as well as other aftermarket "Performance Dampers". Both of these dampers were designed around the original equipment springs and while they add a level of performance to the vehicle's suspension, additional performance can be obtained with a damper tuned specifically to match the characteristics of the Pro-Kit.

The engineers at Eibach based their development of the Pro-Damper solely around the unique characteristics of the Eibach Pro-Kit allowing the vehicle to take full advantage of the increased spring rate and vehicle's new lower center of gravity. The result is additional performance throughout the entire working range of the suspension.

The development starts with an "Aftermarket Sport Performance Damper" which is then tested and modified in conjunction with the manufacturer's proprietary components. Once the Eibach Engineers finalize their development, the new characteristics are incorporated into an exclusive production series by the original manufacturer.

Pro-Dampers are available for only a small selection of sportive vehicles, go to the Application Guide below to check for your vehicle.


Model Part Number Price Excl. VAT
Fabia all 60-79-001-01-22 £266.03

AmD are happy to advise on the best performance suspension setup for your car, and for you as an individual driver. Just email, phone or fax us.

Suspension packages are also available by mail order within the U.K only. Unfortunately weight makes overseas postings cost-prohibitive.

Our fitting service includes accurate suspension geometry setting on our Beissparth aligner, if you are buying the very best quality suspension components you are wasting your money if you don't have the geometry right! Changing the suspension on your car is the most important change ever, it will affect how you feel about your car from that moment on, on a daily basis. We aim to help you make the right decision.

For more details on 4 wheel alignment please see out Technical area...

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