Below you will find the full product range that AmD offer the VW Mk4 Golf 1.8T. We are continually developing new and exciting products for the VW Mk4 Golf 1.8T so please keep checking back regularly!


Stage 1 Rechipping - including rolling road time, mapping, fitting, 'before/after' plots of power and torque, test drive. Workshop time about 3 hours. Performance gains approx. 40 bhp, 40 lbsft torque. Learn what the 'T' in 1.8T really stands for! click for large image
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550 Fitted
Stage 2 ECU remap and Milltek Full Stainless Steel Exhaust (CAT back) 825 Fitted
Stage 3 ECU remap and Full Milltek Stainless Steel Exhaust, Milltek sports CAT and Downpipe 1275 Fitted
Stage 4 Turbo upgrade (chip, NEW 'KKK' turbo, air intake pipe), increases power to about 230 bhp with HUGE torque and vastly improved throttle response. This upgrade includes the Milltek Stainless Steel Exhaust system. 2500 Fitted


OEM Side Mounted Intercooler 500 Supplied
599 Fitted
Forge Front Mounted Intercooler Kit 850 Fitted

Up-rated Clutches

Sport Flywheel fast road/race alloy flywheel 220mm 228mm 240mm 399 supplied 

699 fitted

Sports Clutch stage 1 High clamp pressure plate, steel-backed woven organic disk, bearing 399 supply

699 fitted

Sport Clutch stage 2 High clamp pressure plate, segmented chatter-free Kevlar disc, bearing 465 supply

765 fitted

Sport Clutch stage 3 High-clamp pressure plate, 3-piece disc with carbon or ceramic material, bearings and a tool.
Sharp but smooth engagement with light pedal.
479 supply

779 fitted

Sport Clutch Stage 4  High-clamp pressure plate, 2-piece rigid disc, bearings and a tool. Available in 3 or 6 wing design for serious road racing and drag racing. 489 supply

789 fitted

Sport Clutch Stage 5 High-clamp load pressure plate, iron disc, bearings and a tool. 599 supply

899 fitted

Diverter Valve (DV)

AmD Viper dump/diverter valve
available in Red, Silver, Black, Blue, Purple and Gold
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All prices are + VAT @ 17.5%
All prices are + fitting unless otherwise stated
All power gains are approximate, actual gains will be accurately shown with dynoplot readouts
Maximum Designs