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Hot Film Level Translator for Porsche 911
FilmStar is the latest in 'Hot Film Technology', a method of automotive engine control which has so far been reserved by motor manufacturers for their top of the range sports car models such as the Porsche 993, BMW 328i and VW Golf VR6. Other modern cars have their air intake measured by an air flap unit, where the design generally impedes air flow into the engine and where both the volume of air, the speed of flow, and the response time via the E.C.U (engine control unit) are restricted.

The FilmStar hot film kit has been developed as a direct replacement for these older type flap units, using a genuine Bosch hot film sensor together with a programmable microprocessor-based interface of their own design. The interface (FilmStar) unit translates the signals from the hot film unit into a form compatible with the car's standard E.C.U.

The kits comprise:

  • FilmStar programmable digital microprocessor interface unit.
  • Genuine Bosch hot film sensor unit.
  • Precision-machined aluminum air trumpet for standard air box.
  • Automotive Developments' re-programmed E.C.U eprom.
  • All harnesses, wiring, silicone hose, templates, fixing instructions and diagrams.


911 3.2 Models1275.00 Fitted and set-up on our rolling road,
with DynoPlot 'before & after' graphs
1075.00 mail order
(DIY fitting)
911 3.6 Models1475.00 Fitted and set-up on our rolling road,
with DynoPlot 'before & after' graphs
1275.00 mail order
(DIY fitting)
NOTE: Please add 17.5% U.K. VAT & Carriage if applicable
Fitting of mail order kits should ideally be carried out by a professional automotive or electronics engineer

The vital differences in design which make all the difference to performance ....
Conventional Air Flap System
An examination of an air flap unit reveals a fairly convoluted air path, not ideal for smooth air flow, in addition to which the air has to push open the flap so hindering speed of flow. Our measurements prove the Bosch hot film unit (see below) to be 30 percent more than the equivalent air flap unit. Our rolling road tests have demonstrated that Porsche 911, 3.2 and 3.6 models made more power and torque when the air flap was replaced by a hot film unit.

Hot Film System
Air flow through the Bosch hot film unit is straightforward and unhindered. However, the output signal characteristics of hot film are different to those from an air flap, hence our FilmStar microprocessor interface unit, which translates the film sensor signals into their air flap unit counterparts, with the correct dynamic range and compatible with the car's E.C.U.

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