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Engines Price
2000 Golf 1.8T Engine / Gearbox with all ancillaries, 40k miles, complete with NEW 2002 180 Turbo unit. 2250
Vauxhall/Opel 2002-3 2.2L We have several of these engines nearly new, complete and also some stripped for inspection after testing. Can be supplied with Stage 3 head and cams or standard. Both in stock. 499.00std

999.00 stg3

BMW Mini Gas flowed, Big valve cylinder head outright or exchange available 999 outright

 699 exchange

BMW Mini New and exchange super chargers with standard or modified pulleys 799 outright

599 exchange

Golf 4 GTi 2.0 Complete Engine, ECU, Loom etc. 500
VW New beetle 2.0L Complete engine,7000 miles, Loom, ECU etc immaculate 999
Audi V6 30 Valve Cylinder heads
BRAND NEW - still in there boxes. Fully built up with Cams, valves, lifters etc. Head gasket, Head bolts to fit
1200 pair
750 each
Audi 20V N.A/Turbo Cylinder heads
We have a selection of these heads and can supply or supply and fit to your requirements. Fully rebuilt with cams fitted ready to go
VW 16v 1.8L Heads
We do have some S/H 16V 1.8L heads for sale please contact us
VW/AUDI Camshafts
from various modals available S/H and new
VW Golf Mk3 8v Head including Valves 200
VW Golf Mk2 16v Head including Valves (x2) 200 each
VW Golf Mk2 8v Digifant Head including Valves (x2) 100 each
VW Golf Mk2 8v/16v Crankshaft 100
VW 2.8 VR6 Crankshaft 150
VW MK2-3 2.0L 8V Schrick Camshaft 150

If you have any items which you would like AmD to sell on your behalf please contact [email protected] with details of the item. AmD reserve the right to refuse any items we deem inappropriate and this is a free service for our customers.
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