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More power from your engine without opening the E.C.U.!
AmD are now an authorized fitting centre for ChipStar, another innovative product from Milford Microsystems. ChipStar gives all the benefits of a re-chip on standard engines, and the best power output from modified engines.

The results are like rechipping -

  • more power
  • improved torque
  • the elimination of flat spots and hesitancy
  • better fuel economy
  • optimized power and torque output from any existing engine modifications
  • better throttle response
  • the ability to tune for low octane unleaded without pinking and power loss
What is ChipStar?
ChipStar is a programmable engine management interface which works alongside your E.C.U. It allows the signals to the E.C.U to be intercepted and mapped in order to improve engine performance. ChipStar can be used like a straightforward rechip on standard engines, or to control modified or competition engines (e.g running extra injectors for fuel, LPG or water injection). An extra load input can be used if required (e.g on turbo cars to map boost retard).

Which ChipStar for which car?
There are 2 models available, to suit either:
Variable Reluctance systems - e.g VW VR6, Porsche 964/993/Boxter, Audi A3 etc
or Hall Effect - e.g. VW Mk 3 Golf 16v

Why use ChipStar instead of a rechip?
On some cars you wouldn't. Earlier E.C.U's are more cost-effective to rechip the conventional way.
However, on later engines the E.C.U's can be virtually non-chippable. Even when they are, surface mount chips and complex code can make the job lengthy and costly. Plus, you might not want to risk your dealer warranty. In such cases ChipStar is the answer. Most versions have plug-in harnessess which can be easily unplugged to return the engine to standard operation. You may wish to do this prior to dealer servicing.

What it looks like and what it costs.
ChipStar is a professionally presented piggy-back computer with OE type harness connector and aluminium case anodized for exterior-use grade. The units are watertight for engine bay mounting, avoiding the necessity to drill any wiring holes from passenger cabin to engine bay.

On standard engines or conventionally modified engines (gasflowed heads, cams, sports exhausts/air filters), ChipStar costs 365.00 plus VAT, inclusive of rolling road time, fitting, mapping, and before/after plots of power and torque. We can quote for forced induction or competition engines where there may be additional requirements (e.g M.A.P sensor, extra injector drivers etc). The Control Unit is complete with wiring harness.

Just email us for a leaflet. There's also more information on ChipStar on Milford Microsystem's website.

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