Below you will find the full product range that AmD offer the Audi A3 Non-Turbo and Turbo. We are continually developing new and exciting products for the Audi A3 so please keep checking back regularly.

Engine (1.8 turbo)

Stage 1 Rechipping - including rolling road time, mapping, fitting, 'before/after' plots of power and torque, test drive. Workshop time about 3 hours. Performance gains approx. 40 bhp, 40 lbsft torque. Learn what the 'T' in 1.8T really stands for. 550.00 Fitted
Stage 2 ECU remap and Milltek Full Stainless Steel Exhaust, allows better engine breathing and 4-5bhp extra 899.00 Fitted
Stage 3 ECU remap and Milltek 200 Cell Hi-Flow Sports CAT and Downpipes
adds 8-10 bhp on top of Stage 1/2
1350.00 Fitted
Stage 4 Turbo upgrade (chip, NEW 'KKK' turbo, air intake pipe), increases power to about 225-250 bhp (cable or fbw) with HUGE torque and vastly improved throttle response. This upgrade includes the full 'Turbo back' Milltek Stainless Steel Exhaust system. 2500.00 Fitted
Inlet pipe upgrade for an improved flow of cool air into the turbo. Adds 5bhp or so. Only available for the Audi A3 1.8T and VW 1.8T engines (only required for early cars). 150.00 Fitted
Oil cooler kit 340.00 Fitted
Engine upgrade to TT225 spec including 6-speed gearbox chipped to @265bhp to let you really get going. CALL
AmD Viper dump/diverter valve click for large image

All prices are + VAT @ 17.5%
All prices are + fitting unless otherwise stated
All power gains are approximate, actual gains will be accurately shown with dynoplot readouts
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